Katkoot Inmaa

Inmaa is a semi-integrated poultry operation, which functions in four different locations specialized in the production of poultry broiler parents, commercial broilers, white commercial layers, and feed. The company is the sole poultry grandparent operation in Sudan, with 60% market share in commercial broilers.

Four stages precede the delivery of Inmaa’s poultry products to consumers. These include raising, breeding, hatching and selling of broiler parents, commercial broilers and layers day-old-chicks (DOCs).

Inmaa’s breeds (Lohman for layers and Ross 308 for broilers) were selected based on their internationally recognized quality and high performance, in order to meet the needs of the Sudanese market.

We provide our customers with the best solutions by offering high quality product packaging that reflects the values embedded in our motto: “Growing together”. These solutions include:

  • Production of Ross broiler breeder
  • Production of Ross broiler chicks and Lehman layer chicks
  • Production of granulated feed for chicks
  • Production of broiler feed, and feed for ruminants
  • A specialized poultry training center
  • Exportation of eggs and broiler parent stock
  • Construction of exemplary barns with high quality specifications, and the provision of maintenance services
  • Follow-up of technical services team (free service), including a hotline to receive complaints

Inmaa parent Farms are located in Km 36, west of Omdurman:

  • Broiler Breeder Farms (8 sites with capacity of more than 500,000 breeder/female).
  • Layer Breeder Farm (4 sites with total capacity of 50,000-layer breeder).

Inmaa Grandparents Farms are located in Km 120, west of Omdurman:

  • Grandparents Farm (4 sites with total capacity of 50,000 female birds).