General Details of Inmaa Feed Plant

Inmaa company management has clearly defined strategic vision & mission about bold move to launch Inmaa commercial pelleted feed for poultry breeders which distinguished by high quality and nutrition value, with total commitment of feed plant employees to achieve excellence in upstream & downstream operational techniques that will enable company to play a leading role in feed production field, then acquisition the largest share of Sudanese market.

Inmaa feed plant team create a proper and safe work environment, to monitor and control different characteristic mixed material while conveying through different process stage and to uniform the ways of handling and operate feed plant fast and correct, by applying good manufacturing practices (GMP) concept in feed manufacturing to fit and fulfill the requirements that close most of potential gaps, and obtained a lot of valuable outcome by applying GMP in feed plant such as decreased number of the complaints, customer’s satisfaction, eliminate infestation, proper housekeeping, increase in performance, increase efficiency of feed plant manpower, and reduce the production costs and  product quality improvement.

Plant mainly produces an eighteen types of complete poultry feed for the company internal flocks some of them mash products and the other crumbled products, and also produce three pelleted products for commercial with design capacity of 1000 ton/day plant using natural essential ingredients such like: peanut cake, sesame cake, sun flower oil, corn, wheat bran, sorghum, salts, and lime stone, to avail sufficient amount of required protein and carbohydrates and energy along with the necessary vitamins and dietary minerals.