35 Million

 Annual production of over 35 Million Broiler chicks.

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1.0 Million

1 Million broiler breeder chicks annual production.

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2.5 Million

2.5 Million layer day old chicks annual production.

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45 Ton/hr

45 Ton/hr Capacity, state of the art feed mill.

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650 +

650+ employees.

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About Inmaa

Inmaa is Sudan’s largest semi-integrated poultry operation. The company owns and manages three large scale farm operations: Grandparents, Broiler Parents, and Layer Parents.

Inmaa provides Sudanese farmers produces with superior breeds of healthy broiler parents, commercial broiler, and layer chicks characterized by high immunity and production potential.

The company produces high quality poultry commercial feed to help growers achieve high and cost effective growth.

We offer our customers a fully-integrated range of dedicated and customized services to help them achieve the highest rates of productivity and profitability.

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