Broiler Breeder ROSS 308 – DOPs (Day Old Parents)

  • Inmaa DOPs (Day One Parents) Ross 308 breed is the ideal chick for breeding in the Sudanese environment.
  • Inmaa provides ROSS 308-day old parent chicks free of pathogens such as Mycoplasma and Salmonella
  • This breed achieves the highest productivity of eggs (the number of eggs accumulated in standard conditions 182 eggs / b (bird) during 64 weeks).
  • It also has the highest production rate; which is 85.7% and the hatching rate is 84.8%.
  • The bird production rate is 5% at the age of 175 days in standard conditions.
  • The egg mass within 12 months reaches 20 kg / Bird.
  • Average egg weight (average 70.4 g per 40 weeks).
  • The body weight reaches 2975 g / Bird at the age of 25 weeks and at the end of the productive life it is 4180 g / Bird.
  • Inmaa grants 4% of the total female and 15% of the total male payment free of charge. not clear

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