After Sales Services

  • Inmaa’s After Sales Services include site visits to customer’s locations, 24/7 customer service hotline, regular check-ins and monthly customer meetings. The After Sales Services unit also coordinates biannual site visits inside and outside Khartoum with our partners Aviagen and Lohmann. The visiting company usually presents an in-depth approach to the latest trends, insights and practices in the market.
  • The After Sales Services team consists of veterinarian and animal production experts to guide the transfer of Inmaa’s expertise to the customers and ensure the smooth transfer of the DOCs to customers. The team is constantly engaged in international standardization training and courses for specialized professional support.
  • The After-Sales Services is in charge of 5 key site visits to Inmaa’s customers:
    • Pre-arrival Site Visit: happens to determine whether the barn is ready and optimized to receive chicks. Our expert team checks the layout of the barn, temperature, humidity and general readiness of the incubation environment.
    • Open Delivery Visit: this visit occurs to verify the chicks and the temperature of the shipment car. It also measures the activity of the chicks and their movement in the barn and whether the shed’s conditions are optimal for their arrival.
    • First Week Report Visit: our team visits the customer again after one week to report the performance after 7 days. Indicators include weight, mortality and feed consumption.
      • Routine or Regular Visit: general service visit per customer’s request.
      • Complaints Visit: an on-call system to cater to customer’s complaints in a short timeframe